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Let's get started…

We have been working hard and are delighted to let you know we are now in the final stages of planning.

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and staff on Summer Camps due to Covid 19 we will be reducing the options available for booking.


Please see the 3 choices of packages below. Each package will have the option of Standard day (8.30-16.00) and Extra time (8.30-17.45)

  1. Monday to Friday (Standard Day £150, Extra Time £165)
  2. Monday and Tuesday (Standard Day £60, Extra Time £66)
  3. Wednesday and Thursday (Standard Day £60, Extra Time £66)

The reduction in options is to create colour coded bubbles of 8 children who will stay together for the entirety of the booking;  this is in keeping with the Government guidance for school and childcare settings.

Activities will be time tabled as our aim is to provide fun and positivity in a variety of methods which will include – indoors and outdoors events, physical activities, craft time, quizzes, multi skills and games.

The idea of the above booking pattern is to try and eliminate the amount of changes between bubbles of children.

  • We aim to keep the same children in the same coloured bubble with the same camp leader for the duration of their week or two day booking.
  • We aim to reduce the number of people involved with each bubble, we will promote social distancing at all times but as we are working with children, we also recognise the need to act in the best interest of the child.
  • We want our children to have a positive , enjoyable and safe experience while attending our Summer Camp. Mylnhurst School no longer accept Payments on our behalf.

Example Timetable below: